Plan of the Centre of Sensor, Information and Communication Systems (SIX):
Brno to the map of leading technological regions

Centre of Sensor, Information and Communication Systems (SIX) at Brno University of Technology, and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and IT at Technische Universität Wien (TU Wien) have cooperated on the project Advanced Technologies for Clever Engineering (ADWICE) for 12 months. The project was a part of the Teaming call of the European research program HORIZON 2020.

A detailed plan of a long-term cultivation of the research of the SIX Centre is the output of the project. A successful implementation of the plan should shift the SIX Centre among recognized European research centres performing applied research of sensor, information and communication technologies. Implementation of the plan relies on an intensive cooperation of top research teams (TU Wien) and developing ones (SIX).

The cultivation plan (or the business plan – in words of the European Commission) was finished at the end of May 2016. If the plan is positively evaluated, the ADWICE project will start the second, seven-year-long period of implementation. The implementation phase will be financed not only by HORIZON 2020 but also by the operational program Research-Development-Education, the National Program of Sustainability of research centres, and by partner companies. In 2024, the SIX Centre is expected being a research institution, which sells outputs of its research successfully, and is financially independent thanks to that.

Smart Infrastructure for a Connecter World is motto of the business plan. SIX Centre feels opportunity to contribute to the technological development from current networks of smart phones to the infrastructure of smart cities, intelligent highways, internet of things and other future applications connecting mobility and intelligence. This technological development should move local companies and the region of South Moravia among leading regions on the technological map of Europe. Local companies developing and producing electron microscopes are there, and the SIX Centre would like to follow them.


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