A bright idea itself is not enough for success. Time, effort and skills are needed to convert an idea into a concept, solution or even product. We are well aware that none of these building blocks comes for free and they get even more demanding for visionary ideas requiring long term research.

Fortunately, schemes exist to reduce the amount of money needed to invest in research from private sources, be it co-funded collaborative projects, innovation voucher initiatives or funded grant projects supported by national or international foundations.

In addition, the SIX Research Centre has prepared its own co-funding scheme, supporting visionary research ideas through financial contribution of the Centre itself. Get involved in our membership system to qualify for such co-financing!

Whether it is a TACR application or the find of the right EU consortium, a city innovation check or finding your way through the jungle of EU regulations, we will recommend a suitable national or international funding scheme for you. Contact us, tell us your needs and we will create a financially feasible solution.