With its teaming 2020 effort the EU offers a new programme that allows two universities to join forces and offer a new research and innovation potential for an existing research centre to foster the industry in Moravia but also international companies outside the Czech Republic. The SIX Centre founded in 2010 is an excellent starting point for such endeavour.

The Brno University of Technology with its excellent laboratory equipment and a clear support of the Czech government to maintain this, on the one hand, and the Technische Universität Wien on the other hand, with its international visible expertise and high reputation, on the other hand, are excellent partners to succeed in shaping a reformed SIX Centre with high international visibility and strong impact on industry. With the anticipated ADWICE project, we will be able to stimulate innovations jointly with companies and even prepare for far-ahead visionary research quests that finally will be the driving future motor for the industry in Moravia.